Liverpool Range scenes …

Hi all,

I thought I would share some scenes of the Liverpool Range area that I intend to model. The overall aim of the layout is to reproduce certain scenes and specific trains within a set time period. Even though I enjoy running the trains, my aim is to re-create a prototype scene from a photograph in model form.

As mentioned previously, the layout will be set in a period from April 1979 to March 1983. I have picked out twenty two specific trains in specific locations on specific days.

Below are three of these scenes. All these images reproduced with kind permission from Train Hobby Publications and the photographer.

4860+4482 with Up freight, Ardglen, March 1983Photo by Geoff Campbell

4823+44208+4435+4811 with Up coal, Ardglen, May 1981Photo by Geoff Campbell

4517 with Up ballast, Ardglen, May 1981Photo by Geoff Campbell


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  1. metalhead0889

    There are a couple appropriate for that era, i'm a western modeller so things that run in my area will differ.CHS by A.M.R.I.NHHF by AR Kits.NHFF by Auscision.CH by On Track Models.Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Ian,I'm very interested to watch your progress on your layout, I have a soft spot for the Liverpool ranges myself!Time & space have prevented me from attemting my own model to date but I have done quite a bit of research/ reading on the area and the trains that operated(concentrating on the year 1979).I'm interested to know if you have chosen any unit coal trains in your selection (eg G2 Gunnedah coal) and if so what coal wagons you would use. I've explored models available (kit & RTR)and could not locate a commercially available model.RegardsAndrew

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