Layout Basics …

It’s about time I let you all know some of the basic design rules that will be applied to the layout.

The overall concept, as can be seen from the layout plan posted earlier, is “around-the-walls”, with the scenicked areas built using the “shadow-box” style diorama construction.

A major influence on my design has been Joe Fugate’s Siskiyou Lines. His layout, whilst incorporating a double deck design, has some wonderful concepts in the presentation of scenes. Some other famous layouts, which I have studied over the years, include Dave Barrow’s Cat Mountain & Santa Fe, Lee Nicholas’ Utah Colorado Western, Jack Burgess’ Yosemite Valley Railroad as well as many others in many publications of the years.

  • Scale: HO (1:87.1)
  • Track & Wheel Standards: Proto-87
  • Location: Kankool to Pangela, Main North Line, Liverpool Range, NSW
  • Period: April 1979 to March 1983
  • Benchwork: Open frame, L-girder, cantilevered back to wall (ie no legs)
  • Roadbed: Masonite spline
  • Trackwork: Handlaid code 70
  • Turnouts: Handlaid, built to P87 specs, fully detailed
  • Turnout control: MODRATEC lever frames. Layout will be fully signalled and completely mechanically interlocked as per the prototype
  • Track height: approx 1500mm from floor
  • Minimum radius: 36″ (914mm) in visible areas; 32″ (813mm) in hidden areas
  • Lighting: Yet to be determined, but probably “daylight” fluorescents




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  1. Fair enough. looking forward to some progress pics.

  2. liverpoolrange

    Hi John,At the moment the plan is for no grades, as the height specified, is the maximum I can go due to the track having to pass under the stairs. I'm still in two minds about whether to have a falling grade from there, as I don't want to go too low for viewing purposes.Cheers,Ian

  3. A quick question about the height of your layout. Will the layout have prototypical grades on it or be flat?

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