Modelling comes to a halt….again!!!

Hi All,

Just a quick update to what I am up to.

Well, I have finally come up with what I hope is the final layout plan for the train room downstairs.

Over the last month or so, I have had engineers and my builder in to look at what is required to expand the current downstairs room further under the house.

Since my post of 11 March where I indicated I was looking at digging out a small area under the house, removing some piers etc, I realised this addition to the main room still wouldn’t allow me to fit the layout in how I wanted it.

So, after some more measurements under the house, and some changes to the CAD drawing of downstairs, I ended up with a plan to extend the whole room back past the stairwell to the existing footings of the garage.  Click here for the drawing.  There will be four more piers removed and two extra steel beams installed.

The new room design along with the revised layout plan also does away with duckunders, so the stairs will now open into the room, and the layout will be full walkaround.  The new room will be around 103 square metres.

The trackplan has changed quite a lot from the original room design, and now will have Ardglen at around 62 inches from the floor, with a rising grade from Kankool to Ardglen.  Kankool will be at around 46 inches.  However, Pangela will be at the same level as Ardglen, with a helix to drop the trains back to the level of Kankool.  I have also managed to fit in staging loops which I couldn’t before.  These will be underneath Ardglen.  I’ve managed to get quite long runs between each crossing loop which is what I was trying to achieve.  I’ll try and post the trackplan soon.

I’ll also keep you updated with construction progress.


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  1. iansmini67

    Keep up the great work Ian. I know what extension dramas are like, I am doing the same sort of thing for my own train room. I guess the end result is worth the down time for modelling. Cant wait to see the layout as it progresses, No doubt exceptional knowing your previous modelling work.CheersIan Phemister

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