The Layout …Part II

Hi all,

Just thought I would post some statistics about the new trackplan.  These are approximate only, and could change as construction commences.  For comparison, the prototype distances are in brackets scaled to 1:87.1.

Storage to Kankool – 40′
Kankool standing room – 10′ (14′ 7″)
Kankool to Ardglen – 132′ (189′)
Ardglen standing room – 9’9″ (14′ 4″)
Ardglen Tunnel – 18′ (18′)
Ardglen to Pangela – 114′ (134′)
Pangela standing room – 11′ (15′ 6″)

As can be seen, the model distances will be approximately 70% of the prototype, apart from Ardglen to Pangela which is about 85%.  I wanted to achieve long running distances between the locations.  I may yet still be able to increase the crossing loop lengths perhaps up to around 80%.

The distance from Pangela back to the storage sidings is unknown yet, as I haven’t completely calculated the helix track length yet.  Total running length from the start of the storage sidings to where the helix starts is 340 feet, which equals around 5.6 miles or 9km in prototype distance.  Not bad considering from Pangela signal box to Kankool signal box was 5.3 miles or 8.59km.


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