Building works begin …

Hi all,

Well, in between the ‘on and off’ rain last week, demolition work started in earnest on Wednesday 28th with the builder making four cuts in the two brick walls in preparation for their removal.

Thursday morning came fine and sunny, so the builder and I knocked down the brick walls early as the guy with the Dingo excavator was coming around mid morning.

The first ACRO props were put in place to support the existing timber bearers that were resting on the brick walls. The Dingo quickly removed the old bricks.

The rest of Thursday was spent with the Dingo man excavating one side. The dirt was being dumped temporarily outside on the nearby reserve, and is due to be removed later this week. The two brick piers to the right hand side of the stairwell were removed and props placed in position.

Friday was another beautiful winter’s day, and the Dingo man turned up at 7am to continue excavating. By this stage, probably 50% of the earth had been removed and we were getting ready to remove another two piers, which are on the right hand side of this photo.

During this time, we struck quite a bit of rock, with one huge piece being estimated around 250kg.  The rest of the day saw around another 30% of earth removed with all brick piers that were required to be removed now gone and supported by props.


The two existing timber bearers either side of the stairwell that are supported by the props will be replaced by steel “I” beams. These will be supported by steel posts either side of the stairway door. The beams were measured up and ordered and have to go in before much more excavation can continue as it is too tricky manoeuvring the Dingo and excavator around the props. The timber bearer on the right hand side of the bottom photo will remain, but will be supported by posts on the new slab. The original plan was to have a steel beam here as well, but we found it was not really required and I’ll save around $300. The two props here will remain until the slab is poured as they are outside the edge of the proposed slab.

Well, it was a pretty good effort for two and half days work. It will continue this week. I’ll do another update during the week.



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  1. liverpoolrange

    Hi Darren,Thanks mate. Yes, it is all happening. I'm looking forward to it all be complete and being able to start lining the room and getting some benchwork started.Cheers,Ian

  2. Great work, it is all really happening now. Best of luck with it all. I am watching with baited breath. Darren

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