Work continues …

Hi all,

Well, the two steel beams are now installed and taking weight. The first one went in on Thursday morning, whilst the second on Friday morning.

They went in reasonably easy. They were lifted in with a chain block secured to a lifting pad that was temporarily attached to the underside of the floor. Two pairs of special frames were erected either side of the beam and these were used as a safety device should the chain block fail.

See the photo. Steel rods were inserted through these frames as the beam was lifted. The last bit of the lift was done with good ol’ muscle.

Meanwhile, all the previously excavated earth was taken away. It is estimated between 70 and 75 cubic metres has been removed from under the house!!

The large rock that was discovered last week was the next challenge. The mini excavator continued to dig around it to determine its size. When we realised how big it was, we contemplated getting a core drilling guy in to drill some holes then insert a special tool that expanded in the holes to hopefully split the beast. The builder made the call. The guy was at least two hours away.

So, we decided to have another go with the jackhammer, this time in a seam towards the rear of the rock. After about half an hour, we finally split the monster.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning out the area and checking levels, whilst the excavator commenced digging the trenches for the slab edge beams.

Some gravel was then spread out to aid in drainage before the crusher dust goes down for the slab bed.

We should get the area all formed up for the slab and the crusher dust down around the middle of next week, with a possible concrete pour the following week.

Cheers for now,



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