Nearly ready for the ceiling …

Hi all,

Well, since the last post, I’ve had a plasterer in to set the joints and the walls now have had a coat of paint. I have been doing some electrical work too, installing GPO’s and light switches.

I went into the local plasterboard supplier this arvo to look at suspended ceiling stuff. To do the 100 square metres or so will be about two grand worth of materials. That’s the next part of the project, to install the ceiling. But before that happens, I want to order the materials, get them inside the room via the roller door, then finish this last section of framing/plastering. The room will then be sealed from the outside world. Then the ceiling will go up.

In the interim, I hope to get the modelling bench installed, and then I’ll be able to unpack some of the modelling gear.

The next photos I post will probably be of the room with the ceiling up and all the crap out of the way!!

The next stage after the ceiling will be the flooring. I still haven’t made my mind up as to what I want to do here. I have been thinking of numerous ideas, each with their own pros and cons. Floating timber floor?…..Carpet?…..Carpet tiles?…..Vinyl?

Cheers for now.



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  1. liverpoolrange

    Hi John,Yep, carpet tiles are what I'm leaning towards. Bunnings have 1m square ones, but I'm going to go to a number of flooring places here to see what they have.Cheers.

  2. Carpet tiles seem to be the best option in my opinion. They cancel noise and can be added after the messy things have been done in the layout room (No matter how hard one vacuums saw dust and plaster never come out).

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