Works are progressing …

Hi all,

Since the last post, I have managed to get rid of some of the crap out of the train room. A cupboard and steel shelving unit are now in the garden shed, and the other large cupboard I managed to sell to a mate at work.

With these things out of the way, I have a bit more room to move around. Over the last week, I started erecting the suspended ceiling, and now have the grid up in about half the room. Whilst the setting out takes a bit of time, the actual erection of the grid happens pretty quickly.

I have also managed to roughly work out where I want the room lights. These will be switched separately to the layout lighting. I had drawn the ceiling grid up on CAD and overlaid it on the track plan, so it shouldn’t be too hard to place the lights. I am going to use LED downlights. We already have some up in the kitchen and they are pretty good. Not only do they save power, but they give a bright white light.

I am also now leaning towards putting cheap carpet down on the floor in the train room. The carpet tiles I was looking at would certainly be easy to lay, but they don’t provide much in the way of comfort under foot.

I have also completed the last bit of gyprocking over the roller door, so I just need to get the plasterer back to finish it off.

Till the next update, hoo roo.



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