PCB sleeper production …

Hi all,

After a suggestion from a fellow modeller, here is some information on how I cut the PCB sleepers for the storage yards.

Some years ago, I purchased large sheets of PCB in bulk.  I had attempted to rip these sheets into strips using a small Proxxon table saw, but this was unsuccessful.

I then came across a shear/bending brake from a tool supplier in Sydney.  This has proven a worthwhile purchase and makes cutting PCB sleepers a breeze.

The tool can be used as a shear or a bending brake, depending on the way it is configured.  In the picture above, it is setup as the shear.  The lever on the right hand side when lifted up and away from you, lifts the cutting edge up.

The PCB sheet is fed in from the rear underneath the black rectangular piece of metal.  In this instance, I was cutting pieces 30mm wide.  This method has changed from what I described in the last post, as I worked out it was more economical to cut 30mm wide strips than cutting long strips 3mm wide.

These 30mm wide strips were then cut into sleepers the required width, approximately 3mm.  The PCB is fed through the correct distance just by eye, as they don’t have to be that accurate for the storage yard trackwork.  When I come to building the turnouts for the scenicked sections, the dimensions will be more accurate.

For the longer strips required under the turnouts, I go back to cutting the thin strips then trimming them to the required lengths with the Xuron cutters.

The other day I managed to lay some more plain sleepers in the storage roads, and this evening, started back on soldering more rail in place through the turnouts.

I hope to post some progress shots later this week.

Cheers for now.

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