Kankool spline finished …

Hi all,

Well, I have finally completed the section of spline through Kankool.  As mentioned previously, this section has been slow going because, as can be seen, there has been quite a lot of gluing and clamping required, but the end result is very pleasing.

Kankool spline complete This shot also shows the effectiveness of spline to achieve flowing curves with easements, something that would be very difficult to do cutting out from plywood.

The roadbed is still only on temporary risers/joists at the moment, until I get more spline built so that I can start to set the grade from the bridge.  The top surface of the spline is yet to be ‘smoothed’ off prior to laying track.

Kankool spline Another view of the spline through Kankool towards where it turns left along the first peninsula.

The next task is to set out the next peninsula so I can continue with the spline.  Over the next few months, I may make a start on some scenery, if not the Chilcotts Creek bridge.



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  1. Ian as usual you do nice work


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