New arrival today …

Hi all,

Today I took delivery of a test etch for the 30 foot long plate web girders for the bridge over Chilcott’s Creek.

I had drawn up some CAD drawings and sent them up to a friend to be turned into drawings suitable for etching.  Here’s the result.


Hopefully it will turn into this:


Watch this space!

Cheers for now.


Posted on September 7, 2012, in Scenery. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. thanks – look forward to seeing it installed! Thanks for the updates – could you possibly do a ‘lessons learned’ post 9or article for amrm) on splines when you’ve run some trains? cheers

    • Nick,

      The article may be a while away yet as running trains will be a few years off yet I would think, but I am certainly open to sharing ideas, hence this blog.


  2. looks great – commercially available? nick

    • Hi Nick,

      At the moment, I am just evaluating the test etch to see if any improvements are needed, but as far as being commercially available, I cannot say for sure. That’ll be up to the person who produced the etch. It was basically done as a custom job for myself.



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