First bridge girder complete …

Hi all,

Yesterday I completed assembly of the test etch for the 30 foot plate web bridge girder.  It went together pretty well, albeit with some rather fiddly bits, but I am pleased with the finished product.

Completed girder 1

Completed girder 2

Completed girder 3

I’m hoping the rivet detail comes up OK in these pictures.  I hope to borrow Andrew’s sandblasting tool to clean it up prior to painting.

I have a few things to report back to the designer of the etch, but these are very minor.  I look forward to future etches, with only four more now required for the bridge.

The brass etching certainly beats a plastic version hands down.  The resultant structure is very strong.  You just can’t beat metal etching for fineness of detail.

Cheers for now.

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  1. Ian,
    Every time I go up to the Creek or beyond to Gunnedah on a train I cant help but think about your model empire your building. If theres any thing you need, a picture or to check something over the Liverpool range for you, just ask. I get up that way a bit, so should be able to accomplish that for you if you need something.

  2. Ian,
    The etch has turned into a nice looking model. Was thinking about this bridge as I drove a train over it yesterday heading home from Gunnedah on a coalie and how your model would look eventually. Could producing these etches for your layout possibly turn into a bit of a sideline perhaps. I need quite a few of this style of bridge for my future layout. lol
    Chris Wangmann

    • Hi Chris,

      Good to hear from you!

      At this stage, the guy who’s doing the etching for me is treating it as a custom job for me, but the chances are they could be made available later on but not through me.


  3. Ian, Bridge Girder looks great. The rivet detail has turned out bloody good actually. I only got to see the flat etch before he sent it down. Nice work.

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