A new year and my 2013 plans …

Hi all,

Well, another year has passed in the life of Liverpool Range.  Just quickly looking back through the archives, I achieved quite a lot in 2012.

To summarise, 95% of all lower deck benchwork was completed, a five turn helix was built, half of the run from Chilcott’s Creek bridge to Ardglen had the grade set and 75% of turnouts in the storage yards were completed, wired and had point motors fitted.  Construction was also started on the bridge spans for Chilcott’s Ck bridge, courtesy of brass etchings done by AndIan Models.

Some shiny new models were also received during the year, but not as many as hoped.  C’mon Trainorama, where are the 48’s? Sad smile

So, some plans for this year are, in no particular order:

  • finish off the remaining eight turnouts in the Down storage yard;
  • commence turnout construction and tracklaying, probably at Kankool;
  • complete construction of Chilcott’s Ck bridge and fix in place;
  • start some basic scenery from Chilcott’s Ck to Kankool;
  • commence upper deck construction towards Kankool & above storage yards for Ardglen.



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