Kankool frame delivered to site …

Hi all,

Yesterday, Monday 20th May, saw the delivery of the first of three lever frames for the layout, this one being for Kankool.

Kankool frame

The frame was built by Tony Kociuba from McKenzie in H.O.Lland.  It has twenty levers for twelve signals, three turnouts, four facing point locks and one spare.  The frame is fully interlocked for all possible train movements through Kankool.  It is of the cam and tappet type machine commonly used throughout NSW.

It is a superb piece of model engineering and a work of art.  The main frame and levers are made from laser cut steel, with the locking bed and other bits fabricated from brass.

You may notice that the lever number plates are just a very basic brass plate at the moment, but I have some ideas on making them better looking.

Below are a couple of shots showing the frame with all levers in the normal position, and also with levers reversed for an Up train movement on the mainline.

Kankool frame

Kankool frame

It will be a while before the turnouts and signals are connected to the frame, but at least I have it on site now so I can plan its integration into the layout fascia.



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  1. Ian,
    Lovely – might get one for myself. Those frames by Tony are just a work of art.
    BTW I notice that the diagram you have behind the frame is upside down. The original diagram from the signal box had Werris Creek to the left.
    I have redrawn the diagrrams for Cooma, Dombarton, Euroa (in Vic), Temora and am working on Culcairn and The Rock (doing the locations that interst me in no particular order. I have a good quality photo of the Kankool Diagram and intend to redraw that one in due course I can bump it up the list if you want – contact me through my blog.
    See the signal diagrams entry at http://www.gshsignal.blogspot.com.au/2011_06_01_archive.html for the Cooma Diagram – i’ll get around to putting the other up on my blog in due course. I have good quality photos of most of the digrams from the Main North between Scone and Werris and will do those ones as well in due course.


    • Hi Graeme,

      The diagram that was in the photo was drawn up by Dale Richards from McKenzies. The reason it is reversed is because that’s the way it will be viewed on the layout and from the frame. Ardglen will be the same. However, I would be interested in your versions of Kankool, Ardglen and Pangela, only as small copies though – small enough to place on the ‘floor’ in front of the frame. If you have the Ardglen one, what year is it? My frame will be based on the 1980 revisions where they removed No.9 points and a couple of signals, reducing the frame from 28 levers to 24.

      Anyway, I am in no hurry for any of them, but as I said, would be interested in your versions. I would also be interested to know if you have photos of the infrastructure at the three locations ie signals, buildings etc, circa 1980.


  2. that looks bloody impressive Ian.

    Cheers Alex.

  3. Ian,

    They look really cool. Will they be connected to the switches via a mechanical actuating rod or will the throw an electrical switch to run a turnout motor? I’m interested to see how they are installed, especially any mechanical linkages.

    Greg Amer

    • Hi Greg,

      Yes they are VERY cool! I plan to connect the frame to turnouts and signals via ‘wire-in-tube’. Have a look here. It’s going to be a while before there are signals are turnouts to connect, but I hope to be able to at least get the frame in position and rough in the tube to each location, then it should be just a matter of connecting the cranks etc when I get the signals & turnouts in position.


  4. Nick Sheridan

    Do you have a reference for how you intend to operate the layout? Planning my own layout now and am interested in what functions you intend to replicate – engine driver / guard / dispatcher / signalman? cheers nick_sheridan AT hotmail.com

    • Hi Nick,

      The layout was never really planned to be the type where there are multiple operators. As I have described previously, one of the reasons for me building the layout was to be able to reproduce in model form, a number of photographs of real trains at the locations I am modelling. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy running trains too, and no doubt will have some operating sessions with a few mates, but it won’t be regimented ie I’m not into timetables or anything like that.

      The lever frames are there to enhance the experience of running trains, but I can only envisage there being separate signalmen at each location if I have the numbers. Most of the time will probably see the driver acting as signalman as well.

      Having said all that, things may change in the future.


  5. How kool is that! Or rather,how Kankool is that – 20 levers for a passing loop! It looks really nice!

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