SDS Models BCW, first look …

Hi all,

Yesterday I received my order of BCW cattle wagons from SDS Models.

WOW!!  Another superb RTR model.  They should weather up nicely.

Click on the pics for a larger version.







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  1. Hi Ian,

    I agree, very nice RTR models, the best I’ve seen yet. I like the fact they have RP88 wheelsets (probably no difference to you ;-)) and scale couplers as standard, it really makes them look more realistic.

    I see that there are buffers included in the pack – would you have any idea when the buffers were removed?



    • Hi Martin,

      I was only wondering about the buffers myself the other day, but I have no idea. Probably need to check some photos. Steven at SDS would most likely know.



  2. John Zubrickas

    Hi Ian,
    Do all the BCW wagons have the capacity units as “tonnes”?

    John Z

    • Hi John,

      If you are asking if the terminology is correct (ie tonnes or tons), I have no idea. Best ask SDS. I would assume that ‘tonnes’ would have appeared after the metric system was implemented.


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