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Hi all,

Following on from Rohan Fergusson’s question on the shale oil works at Murrurundi, I thought I would mark up a snapshot from Google Maps showing where the short, one mile long, private railway line ran from Temple Court to the oil works.  Click on the image for a larger version.


The old formation on the southern side of Pages River is clearly visible in Google Maps.  This could make an interesting feature to include in the Temple Court scene on the layout.

In the book, “The Shale Railways of NSW”, published by the ARHS (NSW) in 2000, there is a short seven page section on The British-Australian Oil Company Railway at Murrurundi.


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  1. Interesting! The branch I’m planning for Weddin Jct is ostensibly for shale oil traffic from the Weddin Heights. I like the artwork used by the British-Australian Oil Co., and think it would look great on some “private owner” tankers or louvre vans for packaged products.

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