Central Valley track laying – Part II(a) …

Hi all,

Just a brief update today.

I laid the last piece of rail down for the section between the Down staging yards and the bottom of the helix.  I must say that I’m really happy with how the CV track has gone down.  I have even connected the track feeders to the bus wires.  All that is required is to go back over the rail joins and see if any further strengthening is required.  With pre-bending the rail, I got most joins to sit in place quite nicely, but I think I will go back and solder a piece of wire or flat bar on the non viewing side of the rail, similar to what I did with the PECO track in the helix.

The next task will be to paint the track with an etch grey primer then look at painting the tieplates and rail in a rust/rail brown colour.



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