Backdrop & upper deck supports for Temple Court section …

Hi all,

Since my last post, I have completed the painting of the CV track in the Temple Court section.  I pretty much continued with the same colours and techniques as described in the previous post, and am pretty happy with it all.  The section is now ready for ballasting but this won’t happen until I have the scenery in place.

CV track painting complete


I had also started fitting some styrofoam in place for the scenery base, but realised I couldn’t do much more until I had the backdrop supports installed.  At this point I was unsure of how much scene depth I was going to have in this area.

styrofoam in place for scenery base


The upper deck that will carry the track coming into Ardglen will be fully supported on the main benchwork in this area.  There will be no anchoring of benchwork to the ceiling.  Supports were made from 70×19 DAR pine and cantilevered off the existing joists supporting the Temple Court roadbed.

Upper deck and backdrop supports


Even though the cantilevered joist length was short, I decided to install angle braces back to the main beams.  The whole weight of the upper deck and fascias will be supported by these timbers.

angled bracing

angled bracing







Yes, it’s probably over-engineered,  but better to do it now than have problems later on.

To finish off, a couple of shots of the section with some masonite temporarily clamped in place so I could get an idea of how it will look.








I am thinking the next stage will be to actually fit the backdrop sheeting in place so I will have something to fill with foam to begin scenery shaping.


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  1. That backdrop looks great! I don’t think you can have too much wood in that cantilever…

  2. G’day Ian.
    Good to see quite a lot of progress,looking good and over engineer every time.Regards Peter

  3. Ian

    I doubt if an earthquake is going to make any impact on that work.

    WIth the wet weather of late down here & with our block being very active clay, its turned out to be quite incredible the amount of contraction in my train room, There is quite a degree of new overlapping in the backdrop joins that were not there before, & I have noticed on a couple of sections on the layout today, some cracks have developed.

    Also noticed is a bow in another section of the layout on the outer edge, of the section that has the backdrop, almost as if the walls have pushed inwards at both ends, so looks like I have to do a rethink & place some strengthening along the front of it,

    I think its far better to be a bit over engineered than under, especially the way you are doing it.

    Looks good & well done


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