Chilcotts’s Ck bridge assembly – Part I …

Hi all,

I’ve been wanting to start assembly of the Chilcott’s Creek bridge for some time now and finally bit the bullet this arvo.

The five sections are now soldered together.  They were laid upside down on a flat piece of board and against another piece of timber with a true edge.  This ensure the tops of the girders remained true and even and aligned straight.

bridge sections in the jig


Small pieces of brass strip were then soldered in place as shown below.

brass strip joining the sections


As each joint was being made, it was checked for straightness.  The finished product is shown below.

completed bridge sub-assembly


A close-up shot of the viewable side of one of the joins.


The piers are plaster castings done for me by Ian Phemister.

The next stage will involve painting the spans and then mounting the abutments on a piece of 9mm plywood which will form the base of the bridge sub-assembly.  The bridge will then be placed on the abutments.  The piers will then be shimmed to fit underneath.  More on that in the next post.



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  1. Ian,

    As with the other two comments, what a great job! The detail on the web is very impressive.

    cheers Phil

  2. Hi Ian. Very impressive indeed. Can’t wait to see the bridge weathered, scenery, and trains operating.

  3. Ian A very nice job indeed, the whole structure is exceptional, well done.


  4. Ian. Very impressive work.Peter

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