Chilcott’s Ck bridge assembly – Part II …

Hi all,

Work has progressed on the bridge over the last couple of days.

The bridge spans sub-assembly was washed and then some girder support pads were fixed in place at each of the girder section joins.  These polyurethane castings are made from my own patterns.

support pads attached

support pads








The bridge was then sprayed with Krylon camoflague matt brown paint.  This is a super flat finish paint that a mate introduced me to and is used as a base coat to accept weathering powders.  More details on these later.

The spray went on very nicely and didn’t hide the rivet detail at all.

painted bridge spans


The photo below is the look I am trying to achieve with the weathering to come.

prototype bridge



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  1. Ian.
    I’m sure you’ll have no trouble achieving a finish the same as the photo.I look forward to the next instalment.Peter

  2. wow, Ian it is coming along well.

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