Cab ride …

Hi all,

Back in 2013, a mate who is a driver for Pacific National, took some video for me of a trip over the area I am modelling.


Click here.

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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. John.

  2. Hi Ian

    Thanks for the video, took me back to my last trip up front back in 87, not long before I got gassed in the tunnel & then had to stop work with finally being medically retired end of 88. Was there sound in the video as I could not hear anything but love to have a copy of it.

    Certainly a lot of work has been done on the track & surrounds, the new loop & extensions north of Chilcot’s makes one wonder why not duplicate from the old Braefield loop, or at worst from WT itself.

    The amount of clearing out of the cuttings on the up side has changed things a lot, & certainly makes for wider road bed, rather than the sheer drop to the sides. The larger widened area near Km 362 on the southern side of the tunnel is where the coupled bank engines detached when the train came to a stand, working that commenced after WB operations, initially with the 81’s & then the triple 45’s. We had a big fight with the rail bosses to get the pad & light fitted there owing to there being no walkway or level areas, around a metre from trackside & a long drop off the side.

    Quite amazing really to be going the speed up from Chilcots through Kankool before slowing down with the grade taking affect near the old/original Highway crossed the line near where the old distant signal was.

    The constant speed with what must have been a dynamic brake stop made a sort of monotonous trip, the modern trains seem to be a very smooth operation indeed.

    • Hi Col,

      The video has certainly given me lots of ideas for scenery on the layout, albeit over 30 years since the period I am modelling, but I suppose the majority of terrain remains unchanged, just bigger trees!!


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