Temple Court scenery – Part I …

This week has seen me make a start on forming the scenery in the Temple Court section.

So I dragged out some polystyrene foam I had been collecting over the years and worked out what I could use.

I had some 30mm thick sheets about a metre square that would do the trick, along with an assortment of various shapes and sizes.

first layer of scenery foam in place

The foam is cut to shape and glued to the joists with water based construction adhesive, with additional timber supports installed where required.  The next stage is to use some high density XPS foam to build up the areas that will require carving away.

The section on the far left will probably end up being a low cutting to help disguise the ‘rat-hole’ in the backscene.

The section near the centre of the photo will be a rocky outcrop based on the prototype as shown below.

4538+4512+4497+48138 with Up No.606 freight, make their way past

a granite outcrop near Temple Court on 19 May 1982.

Photo by Mick Morahan


4854+44224+4483+44211 with an Up wheat near Temple Court in 1980.

Photo by Chris Nelson




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  1. Are you going to make a TC siding area ?
    Not needed for a circular track, but a bank engine has to “live” somewhere and then there’s the Mt Temi mine extension because you’re good 😉

    • Hi Dave. What is a “TC siding”? The bank engines were generally attached at Willow Tree, which is represented on the layout by the staging tracks. As the layout is in the early 1980’s, I’m pretty sure the Mt Temi mine extension did not exist. Cheers.

      • If you’re doing 80s then def Mt Temi would have closed earlier.
        The spur line had a neat bridge over the local river …

  2. It’s looking very effective, I like the shade of blue you have used.for the back scene. Is there an alternative to a rat hole? maybe not. .Regards Peter

    • Thanks Peter. I’m certainly looking forward to the scenery part, as I had fun when Andrew and I did Bowen Creek.

      Yes, the entry/exit on a layout is always challenging to disguise, but I think if it can be made as inconspicuous as possible, it shouldn’t draw your eye to it. I’m hoping by using trees and low scrubby bushes, especially at the staging yard end, it should be OK.

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