Temple Court scenery – Part II …

Since the last post, I have been busy making more mess with styrofoam!!

I started applying layers of the foam to build up where I wanted hills, cuttings and embankments.  This was a pretty slow process actually, as it’s very tricky to fit square foam pieces into a curved area.  There is a lot of cutting!!

Below is a series of photos showing progress so far.

The section above includes the formation of the old line to the shale oil works at Murrurundi which I described here.


The two photos above show some of the high density XPS foam I purchased from Bunnings.  For those of you that follow Railpage, there is a thread on the stuff here.  It was easy to cut into strips and then kerf to allow it to follow the roadbed easily.  The bamboo skewers help hold the foam in place while the adhesive sets.


Here I have started to carve an embankment into the foam.  This is only a rough formation as the final shape will occur with plaster sculpting.


An overall shot showing the formations.


I am certainly enjoying this part, and the scene is taking shape, but it is difficult to visualise what the scene will look like, as well as trying to copy what I see in the photos.


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  1. Ian,

    It’s great when one starts to hide the frame and the landform starts to emerge. It all looks very clean so I presume your vacuum cleaner has been working overtime.

    Out of curiosity, do you leave the bamboo skewers in place once the glue has dried or remove them? I have previously used nails and bricks to hold the Styrofoam in place while the glue cured. However, the nails are usually removed to allow final shaping.

    cheers Phil

    • Phil,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes it certainly does look better than open benchwork.

      The skewers certainly do get removed once the adhesive has set.


  2. Ian, I had a video on Youtube where I did a demo cutting that foam etc using a electric carving knife and it did not leave a mess to clean up afterwards. Might be worth a try !!
    Jim (Kamilaroi)

  3. I really like the look of that wide-open space!

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