More ALCo’s arrive!! …

Hi all,

I recently received my order of Auscision 45 class locomotives.

One word sums up these models – SUPERB!!

I haven’t even test run them yet so I can’t comment much.

Like the 48’s, I’ll do a review on them at a later date.  So until then, back in the boxes they will go.

Enjoy!  Click on the images for a bigger version.

Auscision 45 class

Auscision 45 class

Auscision 45 class

Auscision 45 class

Auscision 45 class

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  1. G’day Ian,
    I can only echo Damian’s comments and will follow the P87 conversion with interest!

    Even though I am modelling Steam Era, I’ve preordered Auscision’s 48 class, so I’m keenly waiting on it.

    Gotta be pragmatic with P87, I’ve learnt; running trains with out of era motive power is better than running none at all. I’ve ordered 4831 which was the first diesel on the Batlow line,. that’s my justification to myself!

  2. Daryl Blake

    That sure is a lot of 45s.

  3. Ian,

    It looks like a serious investment in motive power. I presume there will be a renumbering process on a few of them.

    By the way, my ONE runs well on DC. That’s as far as I’ve got so far.

    cheers Phil

  4. Hi Ian,
    They look very good for a NSW loco! Julian and I will be interested how you convert them to P87.

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