Spline now 80% complete …

Hi all,

Over the last few months, I have completed all spline work within the Ardglen area, including the ballast sidings, and also to a point about halfway between Ardglen and Pangela.

This now means I have completed construction of 80% of total spline, which equates to 292 feet (88.5 metres) with just 74 feet (22.5 metres) of spline left to build through Pangela and to connect up to the helix.

The two images below are views of Ardglen from either end, showing the storage and goods sidings.

Ardglen spline (tunnel end)

Ardglen spline looking towards tunnel











The next image is a shot further down the grade from Ardglen, looking back towards the ballast sidings coming off the quarry road.

Ardglen spline with ballast sidings


The next image shows the shunting neck at the end of the quarry road.

Ardglen spline with quarry road shunting neck


The next image shows a general view of the section above Temple Court.  I have yet to finalise setting the grade in this section.  Temple Court has been covered with drop sheets to protect the scenery from dust and dirt whilst working above.


The next series of images show the spline from Ardglen tunnel through to a point about halfway to Pangela.


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  1. Rick Schonfelder

    Ian, I am a big proponent of the spline method. I suggest that you drill across the splines every so often and put in an appropriate length wood screw. I know you’ll have the splines all glued and there is a vertical screw on the centre spacer, but you won’t regret having the cross screws.

    Where did you get the supply of yellow foam for your scenery. I see a stack in one of your shots. How much do they cost up where you are?



    • Hi Rick,

      I’d never actually thought about the cross screws, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt. I have noticed where I have screwed down through the spline into the risers, sometimes if I go too far with the screw head, the spline starts to de-laminate. Is that the idea of the cross screws, to prevent this? Maybe if I did them at every riser??

      The foam is XPS stuff from Bunnings. Made by KNAUF. They are a stock item, but not all stores hold in stock. I had to special order it in. If you search “KNAUF” on their site, you should find the two different thickness sheets.


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