Chilcott’s Ck bridge transoms …

Hi all,

After the recent boost in my enthusiasm following the 45 class weathering, I decided to recommence work on the bridge over Chilcott’s Creek.

Following on from the weathering of the girders, I had been thinking of ways to attach the bridge transoms to the girders.

I have decided to use timber transoms, using Kappler Scale Lumber 10” x 6” stripwood, which were then cut to a length of nine scale feet.

These were then stained with some AIM Quick-Age weathering solution.

I had to come up with a way of locating the transoms on the girders and to ensure they are aligned centrally.

I decided to glue a small piece of stripwood on the underside of each transom so it would butt up to the inside edge of the girder.

I made a simple jig to hold a transom and to locate the piece of stripwood which was 6mm from one end.

Transom girder jig

Transom girder jig


Transom in situ


The next stage is to glue the transoms to the girders and then to attach tieplates to the transoms.



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