Chilcott’s Ck bridge transoms – Part III …

Hi all,

Today I made another jig to enable application of white paint on the ends of the transoms.

Up until a few days ago, I had no idea as to why the ends were painted white, but after obtaining some info from two fellow modellers, it appears it was a form of timber preservation treatment.

Transom jig for painting white ends

The simple jig was made from styrene strip and it sat over the transom leaving a six inch piece exposed at the end.  Some acrylic white paint was then dry brushed on the top, sides and end of each transom.  The resultant finish I think looks like the white paint has been there a few years.

The following two pictures show the finished result.

Finished transoms with white ends

Finished transoms with white ends


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  1. Great painting mask. Will have to do something like that on my trestle.

  2. I am sure the NSWR bridge painters were not half so organised as you! It is looking great Ian.

  3. Nice use of a jig. I would have been tempted to just go for it, but the jig gave you a perfect result, which is likely how the real ones look from any sort of distance.

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