Kankool frame installation – Part III(a) …

Hi all,

Whilst recently carrying out final adjustments to the wire-in-tube controls to turnouts 7, 9 and 12 at Kankool, I discovered a minor problem with the control of turnouts 7.  On the prototype, lever 7 controlled two turnouts, both labelled ‘7’.  See the diagram below.  These two turnouts operated off the same single rodding run, as they were required to operate in tandem.


My original thought was that I would be able to simulate this in model form by operating both turnouts from the one control wire from the frame.  This was done by passing the control wire from the frame through turnout 7 on the loop first, then terminate at turnout 7 on the main.  This seemed like a good idea in theory, but when it came to adjusting the throw of each turnout, I couldn’t get both to operate successfully in tandem.

So I decided to terminate the existing control wire at turnout 7 on the loop and run a separate control wire from the frame to turnout 7 on the main and to connect it to lever 7.  See the result below.

Two of the brass ferrules were soldered together to enable both control wires to terminate on the one lever.

I was now able to adjust each turnout independently from each other.


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  1. Are 6 & 8 just the safety locks on levers ? Because, Gundagai has a cross over just like that. With the lever doing a threaded run through both sets of points. So, question, is there two levers at Kankool ? Gundagai has a lever to throw at both points, with safety locks, but also inter-connected, so you would have to have two people to throw the levers together. If it needs two safety keys, the guy is obviously right there, but it seems to be a thing too far that is probably normal procedure.

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    • Hi Dave. Yes, 6 & 8 are the respective facing point locks (FPL) levers for both 7 turnouts. There is only one lever 7 in the frame to operate both turnouts. In this instance, all turnouts and signals are controlled from the lever frame in the signal box, so there are no local ground frames, if that’s what you are referring to. Also, it is not a crossover at Kankool. The 7 turnout on the loop is really a catchpoint for the main, which has a short run-off track. Cheers, Ian.

  2. Nick Sheridan

    Interesting… how come the dual numbers eg 7 6 or 7 8 or?

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