Info needed

I am after some help from my knowledgeable audience.

Referring to the photo below, it shows a section of the New England Highway at Doughboy Hollow between Kankool and Ardglen.

Picture taken by Brad Coulter Snr in April 1985 and used with permission from Bradly Coulter.

At this location on Google Maps, a small creek/watershed is shown to flow underneath the railway embankment and also pass under the highway where the ARMCO barrier is. My question is how would the highway have crossed this waterway? Concrete pipes, box culverts or what? I am also presuming there would have been some sort of culvert in the embankment.

Is this likely to have been brick or concrete?

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  1. Colin D Hussey

    Ian. Its been some time now since I worked over the range, but I tend to recollect that there was a water course that ran down the side of that hill to the front of where the loco’s are in the photo, Its still visible in Google earth, when rain was heavy it really flowed down hard, with the hillsides all having the water directed to the channel/water course, there was a large concrete pipe, or may have been an armco type corrogated pipe under the line.

    As for going under the highway, and flowing down the other side to Chilcots creek, I believe it too had pipes under the road. Somewhere in my mind I tend to also remember one location that had a concrete waterway under a road, it was more of a flat bottom with lowish walls and a top cover of flat concrete with the road over the top, it may not have been there though.

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