Coupler pockets

A little thing that always bugs me is how the rectangular shape of the coupler pocket protrudes un-prototypically through the pilots on the Auscision Models 45 and 48 class locomotives. It is most likely the same on their other models as well.

All my locomotives have buffers, so the coupler pocket is nearly hidden, but on models without buffers, I would think it sticks out like the proverbial!! I also replace the Kadee type coupler with Sergent couplers, and being that bit smaller, they tend to make the coupler pocket more visible, even on buffered locomotives.

When I was weathering my 45’s, I trimmed the coupler pocket back to the shape of the curved castings top and bottom by eye, but soon realised I needed some sort of jig to make the job easier. I have now fashioned a tool to hold the coupler pocket to allow shaping to the correct profile. The pocket is secured in place and using a razor saw to remove most of the plastic, a sharp scalpel blade is then used to trim it back to the brass profile.

The pocket is then flipped over and the process is repeated. The front edges are touched up with red and silver paint and refitted back into the locomotive.

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