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More colour tests on the fake fur

I have had another go at colouring the fake fur, this time using some yellow ochre and working it right into the base of the fur. Then other colours such as burnt umber and green were lightly brushed on the top and worked into the fur using fingers and an old toothbrush. I still think I’ll cut pieces from the sheet and “plant” on the layout. Extra colouring will most likely be added once fixed in place.

Scenery Update

Hi all.

I have applied some more 2mm static grass to the remaining bare section at the Werris Creek end of the bridge. I also had a play with colouring some fake fur I got at Spotlight. I used various colours of acrylic paint and rubbed into the fur with my fingers. I think it looks OK. The fur as it comes is a tad too long I think, so I’ll trim another section a bit shorter and try again.

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