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SDS Models BCW, first look …

Hi all,

Yesterday I received my order of BCW cattle wagons from SDS Models.

WOW!!  Another superb RTR model.  They should weather up nicely.

Click on the pics for a larger version.






SDS Models OCY, first look …

Hi all,

Today I received my order of OCY container wagons from SDS Models.  Once again, this manufacturer has produced a fine model.

The detail is superb and decaling is crisp.





SDS Models BP Rail Tank Car …

Hi all,

Things are still progressing well on the tracklaying in the Down storage yard, with about 50% now complete.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the tracklaying and turnout building when I was doing the Up yard.

Today, my SDS Models BP rail tank car arrived.  This model had been reduced in price by SDS to just $44, owing to some less than perfect assembly issues at the factory.  Read all about it here.  I still have an order in for another six wagons, but by the sounds of it, these will be delayed a bit more.

Upon examination, all I can find wrong with it is the walkways are not straight and some of the shunters’ grab handles were slightly bent.  Nothing too dramatic as far as I’m concerned and easily fixed.

Anyway, the detail on the model is absolutely superb.  The lettering and painting is crisp.  The dome detail is also very nice.  See for yourself.  It should weather up nicely.  Click on the pics for a larger version.



Cheers for now.

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