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ALCo’s arrive!! …

Hi all,

Well yesterday I took delivery of my long awaited Trainorama 48 class locomotives.  After a long six and a half year wait, I must say I am pleased with them.

I have not examined them closely yet, but initial observations show very nice detail, clean paintwork and lining along with quiet and smooth running (on DC).

I have already made a mental note of some minor improvements to be done, but I will go more into this in a future post, probably after I disassemble one to see what is required to convert to DCC.

The models have reversing headlights which appear as a yellow light and the red and white marker lights are nice and not too bright.  These also change with loco direction.

The model weighs in at 230 grams which feels nice in the hand and looks good when running.

It appears as if Trainorama have done their research well, as each locomotive number has their own uniqueness, including horn colour, step colours, coat of arms and builders plates.

As I said, I will write a more comprehensive review in a future post.


Trainorama 48 class

Trainorama 48 class

Off to the Epping show …

Hi all,

Well, Bowen Creek is all packed away again in the trailer ready for the trip south to Sydney for the Epping (Thornleigh) exhibition this weekend.

Over the last week or so, Andrew and I have been busy weathering some of our rollingstock.  I have done some Austrains’ WHX’s, Trainorama’s BWH’s and OnTrack Models’ louvre vans.  I won’t go into much detail on how the weathering was done in this post, but will leave that to a later time.

Here are some pics of a few of the wagons.  Use your browser’s BACK button to come back to this page.

Austrains WHX 30699

OnTrack Models GLX 29472 Trainorama BWH 29167

Trainorama FWH 28753

Trainorama FWH 28887

Any fellow bloggers who are attending the show, make sure you come up and introduce yourselves to Andrew and I.

Cheers for now.

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