Storage yard tracklaying complete …

Hi all,

A quick post tonight.  I reached another major milestone today with the completion of tracklaying in the Down storage yard.  I have laid a total of 263 feet (80 metres) of track and turnouts in the two yards.



The keen observer will spot that I am yet to install the curved closure rails in most of the turnouts.  This should be completed tomorrow.

The next job is to fit the point blades and Cobalt motors to all turnouts.

Cheers for now.

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  1. Very impressive, there’s nothing quite like long sweeping turnouts.Well done. Regards Peter

    • Hi Peter,

      I have enjoyed this bit of tracklaying. Can’t wait to start on the “scenicked” area stuff which will be a totally different process involving the Central Valley tie strips and gluing the rail down. I’m also looking forward to building the detailed turnouts.


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